Intro to Kubernetes

Welcome to this introductory course to Kubernetes!

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash


If you never operated a cluster, not even as a user, this course is for you. If you had previous exposure to the matter through webinars, blog posts, demos, this course might still be not too boring but if you know the difference between a Pod and a container, a Deployment and a Service, or you know what an Ingress does, well you might skip it.


Despite being a 101 course, a solid understanding of Docker fundamentals (containers, images, registry, etc.) is required.


Before starting, please install Homebrew and follow these instructions in order to setup your laptop. Some system-wide binaries will be installed with brew while we are going to use asdf-vm for some specific programs like kubectl in order to have a better control over installes versions:

  • Install system-wide required binaries by running brew bundle
  • Install the following asdf-vm plugins by running:
    • asdf plugin-add kubectl
    • asdf plugin-add helm
  • Finally, install versioned dependencies with asdf install
  • Git clone and perform the exercises from the root of the repo

kubectl create course

You can now move to the first batch of exercises to start the course.